Eliminating Housing Instability in Atlanta

Some 50 percent of renters in metro Atlanta pay more than 30 percent of their monthly income on rent. At the current rate that we are building affordable housing, it would take more than 200 years before we could end housing insecurity in this country.

Atlanta Workers Struggling to Pay Rent

Metro Atlanta Rent-Stressed Households

Did You Know?

Access to affordable housing isn’t the only challenge. Atlanta ranks second-to-last in economic mobility in the nation. 

However, each year a child spends in a neighborhood with more opportunities – as opposed to a high-poverty neighborhood – increases her chance of going to college, decreases her chances of becoming a single parent and increases her expected earnings as an adult.

Role that Place and Opportunity Play

Preserving Naturally-Occurring Housing Affordability in Metro Atlanta Neighborhoods

To support metro Atlanta in addressing its affordability challenge, this report explores the following research question: How can Metro Atlanta leverage currently unsubsidized, naturally-occurring affordable housing to support affordable opportunity for low-income families? Learn more from this in-depth analysis.

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