With more than $1.2 billion of New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocations under our belt, we are one of the most experienced investors in the country in partnering with investors and developers/project sponsors to strengthen neighborhoods and communities.

New Markets Tax Credits stimulate business in low-income communities via a federal tax credit.

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Track Record

Investment Discipline Social Impact
  • $1.2B+ Invested
  • $5.2B Total Development Costs
  • $267M Third-Party Assets Under Management
  • 37,581 jobs created
  • 1.6M Health care visits facilitated
  • 19,671 School seats created
  • 12.4M Square feet of commercial real estate developed/rehabbed

Since the NMTC was enacted, we’ve partnered with banks, developers and community organizations across 24 states and Washington, D.C., to create or rehabilitate nearly 106 projects.

Current Portfolio

NMTC Current Portfolio

Focus Areas

  • Jobs: Create employment opportunities for people across education and experience levels
  • Health Care: Bring health and wellbeing resources (physical and mental health services, healthy food access) to underserved communities
  • Community Facilities: Finance spaces for nonprofits to provide social service programming for vulnerable neighborhood residents
  • Racial Equity: Partner with Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC)-led organizations and housing providers who have been historically marginalized

How We Work

Whether it’s affordable industrial space for makers and artisans in New York City, a shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness in Miami, or a hub for the blind and visually impaired in San Francisco, we make possible deep and lasting impact. When you partner with us, you help create jobs, educational opportunities, health and wellbeing resources, and new opportunities for communities that need it.

Developers & Project Sponsors

We work locally and nationally with mission-driven developers, sponsors, and other Community Development Entities (CDE) to build transformative projects in communities across the country. A small sample of the work we’ve accomplished with our partners includes:

How We Partner with You

Together, we fill community resource gaps, address neighborhood needs and bring new opportunities to the residents to communities that need it – by increasing the supply of affordable homes or building (or rehabbing) high-impact community facilities. And, through Enterprise’s full range of debt, equity and tax credit financing products, we’re able to meet all of your capital needs from one, integrated platform, as well as compliance requirements, including:

  • Training and compliance
  • Maintaining required records
  • Testing and monitoring allocation agreement and IRS regulatory compliance
  • CDFI Fund compliance reporting
  • Investor and board reporting
  • Unwinding NMTC transactions at the end of the compliance period


We partner long-term with investors to build and rehab life-changing projects in communities that need it across the country. A small sample of the work we’ve accomplished with our partners includes:

How We Partner with You

We help investors secure reliable tax credit benefits while their investment helps to develop or rehab high-impact projects like good homes with affordable rents, schools, healthy food options, manufacturing centers and new businesses and shops, among others.

Fund Management

We provide investment fund management services to investors, including:

  • Accounting
  • Loan servicing
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring the CDE's NMTC and transaction document compliance
  • Unwinding NMTC transactions at the end of the compliance period
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Social Return on Investment Report
Explore success stories and metrics from our impact investing platform. This report is part of our commitment to providing transparent and measurable accounts of our work.

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