With the stability of a good home, a safe community and the chance to plan for your future, so much more becomes possible in life. When that home is in a place where resident voices are the priority, people can help shape the change they want to see in their homes, their neighborhoods and their futures.

At Enterprise, our residents help us define what success looks like. Everything we do is informed by the 23,000+ residents we serve in the Mid-Atlantic, plus the millions of families we support in affordable homes and communities across all 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In every neighborhood our work touches, we strive to make upward mobility possible.

Relief for Renters

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Even before Covid, there were too many barriers to making rent. Because we know many people have lost their jobs or face new challenges since the pandemic began, we’ve stepped up our support.

  • Through housing stabilization grants, programs and additional support from local government agencies, we brought together over $13 million in rent relief to thousands of residents to date.
  • Through the Water Multifamily Assistance program, we’ve applied nearly $2 million to provide additional rent relief for our residents.
  • Our repayment plans provide more flexibility for people struggling to pay rent on time.

On-Site Vaccine Clinics

Health and well-being are our top priorities. Partnering with local health organizations and county health departments, we provided onsite Covid-19 vaccinations at over 100 properties since 2021. To date, we’ve helped vaccinate thousands of residents.

Resident Testimonial
When I lost my job at the start of Covid, it was so hard to stay afloat with mounting bills. Enterprise’s help took off so much pressure and stress. I am so grateful for this program looking out for me and making sure I could still live without fear of losing my home.
Ms. Davis, D.C. resident
Three senior women seated on a stage

Celebrating Resident Voices at our 40th Anniversary

President of Community Development Brian McLaughlin sat down with three of our residents to hear firsthand what it truly means to live in affordable housing, shatter stereotypes and break barriers. Watch a video recap to learn what these three amazing women had to share.

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Supporting Communities through the Pandemic
How we responded to Covid-19 while supporting residents and our long-term goals.
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Together, we can help so many more residents find success in life.

Meet Our Team