Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. (Enterprise) is a national Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Financing is offered through tax-exempt subsidiaries of Enterprise: Enterprise Community Loan Fund, Inc., a 501(c)(3) and Enterprise Community Investment, Inc. Housing development is offered through a related entity, Enterprise Community Development, Inc., a 501(c)(3). Asset management is offered by Enterprise Community Asset Management, Inc. and additional financing is offered through Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital, LLC, both taxable entities. The content on this Site reflects information about all of these subsidiaries. For additional detail on Enterprise’s legal structure and the products each legal entity offers, please see below:

Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity Programs
Advisory Services & Technical Assistance


Rick Lazio, Chairman
Drew Warshaw, Co-CEO and President (interim)
Jacqueline Waggoner, Executive Vice President
Linda Manley, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary 
Dee Falvo, Senior Vice President
Judith Kende, Senior Vice President
Board Members

Rick Lazio, Chair
Phyllis Caldwell, Vice Chair
Maria Barry
Elizabeth Blake
Edward Brady
Kevin Chavers
Dora Gallo
Renée Lewis Glover
Sharon Heck
Donald Layton
Carmen Middleton
Shekar Narasimhan
Terri North
Edward Norton
Barbara Poppe
Ronald Porter
Ronald Ratner
Jonathan Rose
Megan Sandel
J. Ronald Terwilliger
Sarah Rosen Wartell
Darrin Williams

Enterprise Community Loan Fund, Inc. 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity; a Community Development Financial Institution Loans
Impact Note

Elise Balboni, President
Charlotte K. Crow, Senior Vice President and Treasurer
Jonathan Clarke, Vice President and Chief Lending Officer
Timothy Martin, Vice President and Chief Credit Officer
Board Members
Lori Chatman, Chair
Elise Balboni
Alice Carr
Cathy Dolan
Cynthia Muller
Harold Pettigrew

Enterprise Community Investment, Inc. 501(c)(4) tax-exempt Equity Preservation Funds
New Markets Tax Credits
Opportunity Zone Funds

Lori M. Chatman, Co-CEO and President (interim), Enterprise Community Partners and President, Capital Division
Jeffrey G. Galentine, Vice President and Treasurer
Chris Herrmann, EVP, Chief Investment Officer & Fund Manager 
Board Members
J. Ronald Terwilliger
Alice Carr
Lori Chatman
Andrew Garvey
Carl Jenkins
Donald Layton

Enterprise Community Investment Affiliates
Enterprise Housing Credit Investments, LLC Wholly-owned subsidiary  Low-income Housing Tax Credit Funds and Investments  
Enterprise Community Asset Management, Inc. For-profit entity Asset Management  
Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital, LLC For-profit entity Commercial and multifamily mortgages  
Enterprise Community Development, Inc. 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity Resident services
Property development

Brian McLaughlin, President
Jeffrey G. Galentine, Treasurer
Christine Madigan, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer
Linda Manley, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
Robert Fossi, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Development
Kelly N. Shiflett, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Board Members
J. Ronald Terwilliger, Chair
James Brodsky
Albert Gentry
Brian McLaughlin
Ronald Ratner
Adrian Washington

Enterprise Community Development Affiliate
Enterprise Residential, LLC Wholly-owned subsidiary of Enterprise Community Development, Inc. Property Management