There’s a reason why “Partners” is in our name. Partners fuel our work and make our mission achievable. In collaboration with thousands of community development organizations, public agencies, nonprofits and for-profit groups, we work in 700+ communities and on a national scale.

We offer grants, trainings and advisory services that improve operations and expand the capacity of our local partners – all so they can sustain and grow their impact in service of people and communities.

Here’s how we do it.

HUD Section 4 Grants to Nonprofit Organizations
Partnering with HUD to support organizations and programs that make a difference in the lives of the people and communities, including Rural and Native American populations and tribal lands.

Emergency Action for Resident and Partner Stability
Offering immediate relief and longer-term financial support during the Covid-19 pandemic and to help people and communities withstand and recover from natural disasters.

Multifamily Business Continuity Toolkit
Helping affordable housing organizations with the tools they need to keep their operations running during emergency events.

Trainings, Academies and Institutes
Providing access to tools and subject matter experts from design to rural preservation to financing.
Advisory Services & Technical Assistance
Building capacity, connecting partners and leveraging funding with a focus on systems change and supporting communities and people.

Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge
Supporting and amplifying innovative ideas to advance housing affordability, access and stability across the United States with the generous support of the Wells Fargo Foundation.

Anita Nelson
SRO Housing Corporation is a better organization because of Enterprise. We have been able to restructure our operations to perform more efficiently, accelerate our development efforts and do larger developments knowing we had Enterprise’s full support.
Anita Nelson, CEO, SRO Housing Corporation, Los Angeles
A smiling man standing with his arms crossed
"Enterprise has been able to assist Cherry Hill Development Corporation by looking at our strengths and weaknesses and helping us make decisions about what we should focus on. With that and some specific grants, we’ve seen our capacity as an organization increase."
Michael Middleton, Executive Director, Cherry Hill Development Corporation | Baltimore, Maryland
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