With the stability of a good home, a safe community and the chance to plan for the future, so much more becomes possible in life.

We believe that home is a place where you can feel a sense of pride, power and belonging. That is why community is at the heart of everything we do. From food distribution to after-school programs, our services are designed to foster belonging while connecting residents to the resources they need to achieve their goals. 

We focus on four key areas: community building and engagement, economic security and mobility, health and wellness, and education. This comprehensive approach works to advance the social, emotional, financial, and physical well-being of our residents.

Our Impact

We are committed to advancing well-being for the more than 24,000 residents we serve throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

$1.8M in rental assistance

provided to ensure residents are stably housed

$1.0M+ worth of food

distributed through more than 181,000 meals

7K volunteer hours

served by residents in their own communities

72% of students

participating in academic enrichment programs met their goals

An older adult plays the piano as friends watch on and clap

Community Building and Engagement

We provide opportunities for residents, staff and community stakeholders to engage authentically, enhancing a sense of community and increasing social connections. In 2023 alone, we hosted more than 300 community meetings to elevate the voices of our residents and connected more than 500 people (residents and local participants) to volunteer opportunities within their communities.  

Our approach ensures residents have multiple chances to connect with others across all of our properties. These include quarterly resident meetings as well as monthly resident-centric activities and resource connections.

A mother and child hold hands as they walk on a sidewalk alongside buildings and cars parked on the street

Economic Security and Mobility

In addition to ensuring our residents have a positive experience at our communities, we provide resources that increase their access to viable upward mobility opportunities. Working in collaboration with our residents, we develop programs that support their goals, from out-of-school enrichment activities to food pantries while also delivering wraparound services from transportation to technology access.  

Our goal is not only to equip individuals with the skills needed for in-demand jobs, but also to address the broader challenges they may face, fostering lasting success in their pursuit of better-paying employment. In 2023, nearly 50 residents took advantage of our workforce training programs in key industries, including solar panel installation, medical assistance certification and construction. More than half of the residents who completed the program have secured a job related to their industry training.

A teacher stands with a group of children stand in a line holding their certificates high in a classroom


We provide access to evidence-informed opportunities that are designed to help residents of all ages succeed academically, socially, and professionally. Our approach focuses on creating a supportive learning environment that also connects residents to the specific resources they need to achieve their goals.  

For example, our programs for school-aged children vary by age and population, some also addressing the challenges parents have assisting their kids with homework assignments. In 2023, our afterschool and summer enrichment programs served more than 100 students, helping 72% meet their academic learning outcomes. 

There is a program where I can go after school. They help us with homework. Sometimes they have programs and it’s fun to be there. Living in this community is like a dream.
Abby, Resident, Annapolis MD
A woman looks at a small package with shelves of food behind her

Health & Wellness

We deliver access to programs and resources that promote the health, physical, and mental well-being for residents of all ages. Services include wellness checks from visiting medical teams to promote proactive healthcare management, food security programs that ensure access to wholesome, nutritious meals, and fitness opportunities that encourage active and healthy lifestyles. 

Our programs often leverage needs assessments to tailor our support services, ensuring residents receive personalized assistance. In 2023, we provided a variety of services from annual wellness visits to blood pressure checks. We also distributed more than one million dollars’ worth of food, delivering nearly 200,000 meals across our communities. 

Community Initiatives

In addition to community-specific programs, we run a core set of initiatives across all of our properties, including:

Quarterly Meetings

We create regular opportunities for residents to engage with us to create a strong feedback loop and continuously improve our communities.

Engagement Activities

Our monthly activities are designed to help residents build stronger social connections and community.

Rental Assistance

Qualifying residents from across our properties have access to rental assistance programs and resources help keep them stably housed.

Resource Connection

We help connect our residents to the resources they need, providing referrals to internal and external programs and opportunities.

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