Together with partners and funders, Enterprise works to improve life outcomes for low-income residents through housing preservation and production, bridging the racial equity gap and increasing resources available for community development. We’ve helped create or preserve affordable homes for more than 76,000 families by leveraging over $4.3 billion in capital across the region.

Some of our key programs include:

  • Bridging racial equity gaps: Works with community stakeholders in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., to strengthen housing stability, to increase economic mobility and household wealth, and to enhance educational and health outcomes
  • Access to capital: Increases public and private financial resources to make housing affordability possible at the scale needed
  • Faith-Based Development Initiative: Provides technical and financial assistance to help houses of worship leverage their land for the development of new affordable housing and community facilities
  • Purple Line Corridor Coalition: Partners with stakeholders to provide capital and policy solutions to ensure no net loss of 17,000 affordable homes along the Purple Line corridor

Funder Spotlight

Wells Fargo

Support from Well Fargo is helping us teach faith-based community leaders across the Mid-Atlantic region how to turn underutilized real estate assets into affordable homes and other facilities as a means to better serve congregants and other community members.

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A New Narrative for Housing: Playbook for the Greater Washington Region

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