Enterprise develops and advocates for housing policy on a nonpartisan basis at the federal, state and local level. Our policy recommendations prioritize the most pressing needs of people and communities, built from our experience with our partners on the ground and in communities.

The needs are urgent. For millions of families across the country, it’s impossible to live in a good home they can afford. Communities of color continue to face housing discrimination and have fewer chances for upward mobility. People who lost their jobs during the pandemic are fighting against a daily threat of eviction.

The system doesn’t work – and it must be changed by us. From racial equity to resilience and more, we work across our impact areas with funders, investors, partners and policymakers to make system-changing policy a reality.

As we advocate at every level of government, our team of housing policy experts:

  • Analyze spending bills and new policies
  • Navigate complex federal, state and local regulatory requirements
  • Work closely with federal agencies, especially the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and state housing agencies
  • Advocate for smarter standards to ensure funds are directed quickly to the right people and places, especially after natural disasters 
Our Impact
We protect, expand and improve critical housing programs


$2.5 Billion

Following the Great Recession, we helped direct National Mortgage Settlementfunds ($2.5 billion to each state) to create and preserve more affordable homes.

Pioneered LIHTC


Enterprise helped create the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit more than 30 years ago and have advocated for improvements from the very beginning.


$100 Billion

The total amount the New Markets Tax Credit program has delivered to finance affordable homes and community development. We lead on advocacy to make the program permanent.

Our Priorities

Our 2021 playbook, which we shared with the Biden-Harris Administration and Congress, includes 47 recommendations for making home and community places of pride, power and belonging.

Federal Policy

We work with a broad range of public and private partners to protect, expand and improve affordable housing and community development programs.

State & Local Policy

Our team works in state houses and city halls across the country to increase local resources for affordable housing, use existing resources more effectively and ensure that America’s rental communities are resilient to climate change.

Policy Research & Development

Our experts conduct in-depth research and analysis on policy issues that matter.


Join our national coalitions and use our advocacy data to make the case to decision makers.

Help us drive policy change.

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