Storms, heat waves and wildfires have become more frequent and intense, but most affordable homes weren’t built to withstand these threats. The cost of recovery grows as the U.S. loses. $10+ billion per year in damages. And people of color and families with less wealth are disproportionately affected – they are more likely to become homeless after disaster strikes.

We're a national leader in resilience and green building, and our work is more urgent than ever. Fifteen years after launching the first green building standard for the affordable housing industry, Enterprise is increasing its commitment and leading the field in responding to climate change:

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Here’s how we do it:

Building Resilient Futures
Our multipronged initiative to build and refurbish affordable homes to be sustainable, climate-resilient and affordable, and to equip communities with resources to help them withstand and recover from natural disasters.

Creating Sustainable Communities
Through Enterprise Green Communities, we set the standard – literally – for sustainability and green building practices across our industry, making affordable homes healthy, efficient and climate resilient.

Connecting Health & Housing
We work with community and health care organizations, affordable housing developers, policymakers and funders to promote housing as an essential tool for improving resident and community health.

Tools & Resources
Climate Risk Reduction

The impacts of our changing climate worsen the affordable housing crisis, putting millions of households at risk of displacement. Enterprise has heard from developers, owners and operators of affordable housing that there is a need to make properties more resilient to reduce displacement of residents, damage to property, business interruptions and other harmful impacts, but are unsure what strategies could be both effective and affordable.

Portfolio Protect
This tool offers users the ability to identify highest risk properties by address and offers recommendations and resources to help minimize potential harm to your property or properties and keep residents’ homes safe.

Building Protect
This guide assist users in evaluating specific needs of properties and identifying resilience strategies at the building level through site assessments.

Multifamily Strategies for Building Resilience
This manual will help new and existing multifamily housing developers, owners and organizations adapt and respond to climate change and other threats.

Business Continuity
This toolkit equips multifamily affordable building owners & managers with a plan to address crisis.

Funding Resources Guide
The purpose of this guide is to help Miami nonprofit and for profit affordable multifamily property owners and operators identify and better understand resilience project financing and funding.

Keep Safe: A Guide for Resilient Housing Design in Island Communities
Build back stronger with this guide for designing resilient homes in island communities.

Communities Together Guide — ResilientSEE
This guide emerges as a response to the need to design community centers with the capacity to face climate, social and economic changes.

Resilience Speaker Series Video Library
The Multifamily Housing Resilience Speaker Series provides training on disaster preparedness response, planning and resilience.

2020 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria
The nation’s only national green building program designed explicitly for green affordable housing construction. Implement sustainable, green building practices.

Keep Safe Florida
A comprehensive technical support system created to help affordable housing owners in Florida with the tools and resources to assess and address threats from climate change and natural disasters.

Resources: Green Communities Criteria & Certification
Documents, videos, templates and more to help you understand and implement the criteria. Technical Assistance Providers; Charrette Tools; Construction Specifications and more. 

Resilient Communities: Strengthening Cultural Resilience
Templates and guidance on resident participation, cultural leadership, and community buy-in will help ensure a successful project. An inclusive process enables the project to be more reflective of community needs and benefits.

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