What’s Possible: Investing NOW for Prosperous, Sustainable Neighborhoods

Climate and community development experts from Enterprise, LISC, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and other industry leaders joined forces to publish What’s Possible: Investing Now for Prosperous, Sustainable Neighborhoods, a volume of essays that navigates the intertwined challenges of climate, housing, and infrastructure and advocates for a cross-sector approach to meet the climate crisis head-on. 
What’s Possible offers innovative, forward-thinking solutions that focus on decarbonization, resilience, and equity, and prioritize low-income and communities of color who have disproportionately felt the adverse impacts of climate change. The book, funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation, will serve as a critical resource for everyone committed to tackling the climate crisis and building more resilient, sustainable, and prosperous communities.

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May 2, 2024
Enterprise Community Partners, LISC
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  • Resilience
  • Building Resilient Futures
  • Climate Risk Reduction
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  • Preservation Equity