Our Advisors team was created to expand Enterprise's reach, bringing our technical assistance and capacity building support to communities across the country.

Over the years, we’ve grown into a diverse, national, mission-based consultancy, supporting over 700 communities, including: local governments and public agencies; developers; philanthropic foundations; nonprofits, advocates; policymakers; and community stakeholders. 

We drive systems change at all levels: organizational, neighborhood, local, state, regional and national. And we understand that place matters. We work with partners to help shape and implement a vision in partnership with their communities.

Our Focus

As a mission-based consultancy, our focus is on impact. Our two-platform structure focuses on systems change and supporting communities and people, while cultivating new partnerships and research to drive innovation and collaboration.

Systems Change

Through our strategy and implementation platform, we drive systems change through the design of equitable housing solutions, the advancement of economic mobility and socio-economic development efforts, and the incubation, cultivation and acceleration of new ideas, partnerships and solutions.

Communities & People

Through technical assistance and capacity building, we support U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grantees, public housing authorities (PHAs), as well as nonprofit and philanthropic partners, to develop and improve their programs for impact.


Our Impact
Creating systems change at all levels

Advisors has administered over $80 million in technical assistance and direct contracts since 2010, partnering with more than 700 communities across the nation to create strategies, build capacity connect partners and leverage funding.







Our Approach

Our Advisors team has worked with partners to manage hundreds of place-based efforts across the country focused on a continuum of community development needs and solutions, including:

  • Develop comprehensive equitable housing strategies. Our comprehensive housing plans improve local housing delivery systems, create key financing tools and facilitate new or expanded partnerships. We help communities design equitable housing solutions that address systemic barriers and build the capacity of local stakeholders to sustain the implementation over time. 
  • Advance economic mobility and support small businesses. Our socioeconomic development team works with communities to develop economic mobility plans that articulate a community vision for mobility and leverage local ecosystems to help neighborhoods succeed. 
  • Explore and advance new potential solutions. Our incubation team works with partners on new solutions and bringing them to scale. We’ve helped connect education and housing stakeholders to support upward mobility and to provide technical assistance and implementation support to selected participants from the Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge.
  • Reposition public housing authorities. We support public housing authorities so they’re more sustainable and to better serve residents. We leverage our deep knowledge of HUD programs and solutions for PHAs, including Choice Neighborhoods, Moving to Work, Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD), Asset Repositioning, ConnectHome, Housing Choice Vouchers and Resident Engagement.
  • Build cross-sector partnerships for recovery. We've supported 50+ economically challenged cities to advance economic mobility outcomes and offer financial solutions to budget challenges. Our team is currently supporting recovery efforts in several communities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and natural disasters.
  • Support fair housing and community engagement. Principles of fair housing, equity, opportunity and inclusion are integrated into all our place-based engagements. By furthering fair housing and creating space for more robust dialogues and inclusive processes, we’ve helped to transform local discussions to focus on removing barriers and addressing community needs.  
  • Increase HUD grantee and partner capacity. We have delivered technical assistance, capacity building and training to hundreds of HUD grantees and partners across the country, through programs like HUD Section 4. We are focused on designing program solutions and related tools that address the needs of underserved communities, and we leverage public, private and philanthropic resources that enhance service delivery.

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