No family should have to choose between buying groceries or making rent to stay in their home. Yet America’s affordable housing shortage runs nearly 7 million homes deep – for every 100 families who need them most, only 37 affordable homes are available.

To families struggling, the shortage of affordable rental homes isn’t a headline. It’s an everyday reality. Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) continue to bear the brunt of the crisis due to systemic racism.

The production – the new construction – of affordable homes is essential. Yet we can’t only build our way out of the housing crisis. That’s where preservation comes in. It means making sure the affordable homes we do have remain affordable.

The kids came running in and we all laughed and cried. I told them it was going to be all right. We were going to move in.
Johnna Blocker, resident of Rolland Curtis Gardens in Los Angeles, an Enterprise-financed property
Preservation & Production
Enterprise is fighting back to create and preserve affordable places to live.

Preservation & Eviction Prevention

With our comprehensive approach and local programs and partnerships, we support both residents and landlords with protections to prevent evictions and keep rental homes affordable.

Development, Property Management & Resident Services

As a fully integrated developer and owner, we design, develop and manage affordable homes and communities with residents’ needs at the center.

Faith-Based Development InitiativeSM

We create partnerships among houses of worship, developers and public and private funders to create affordable homes and community facilities.

Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge

Led by Enterprise and made possible by the generous support of Wells Fargo, the challenge is elevating and transforming housing affordability innovations into real solutions.

Tribal Nations & Rural Communities

We provide funding, training and technical assistance to partners on the ground to produce and preserve affordable homes on tribal lands and in rural communities.

Design Initiative

We provide tools, programs, and research to support developers in mastering their design process and focus their developments on outcomes that are important to residents.

Building Conversion

Together with government, nonprofit and philanthropic partners, we support the conversion of hotels, motels, apartments and office buildings into affordable homes and services for people who have been homeless.

Products for Investors

We’re here for impact – we’ve invested $72 billion to help preserve and produce 1 million affordable homes.

Financing for Developers

We offer products for every stage of development, so you and your team can build and preserve more good homes and strong communities.

Rural Rental Preservation Academy

A series of no-cost trainings and peer-learning sessions designed to help rural housing providers and nonprofits acquire and preserve subsidized and affordable multi-family housing.

Jacqueline Waggoner's headshot
If we want to stem the pipeline of people moving onto our streets, we have to come up with solutions that keep people in place. That’s a moral issue, it’s a humanitarian issue, and it doesn’t rest with individual owners, it rests with all of us.
Jacqueline Waggoner, President, Solutions Division

Meet Our Team

Jennie Rodgers headshot

Jennie Rodgers

VP, Rocky Mountain and Tribal Nations & Rural Communities Markets
David Bowers

David Bowers

VP, Mid-Atlantic Market & Sr. Advisor, Faith-Based Development Initiative