Racial equity is at the center of our work. It’s how we dismantle the legacy of systematic racism in housing and close the growing racial wealth gap in America.

For decades, racist policies and practices dictated how Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) could live their lives. The kinds of homes and neighborhoods they could live in. The wages and wealth they could earn and build. Their chances for upward mobility in life.

Racism and segregation in housing and across so many other longstanding systems have led to the growing racial wealth gap experienced today.

7 in 10
Americans experiencing homelessness in the U.S. are Black, Indigenous and people of color.
of people in the U.S. at risk of eviction are people of color – a number likely to rise due to Covid.

Through our policy work, we place a racial equity lens on solutions for equitable outcomes, such as source-of-income protections, equitable land use decisions, property tax law and eviction prevention. Our advisory team promotes fair housing principles and socioeconomic development to achieve greater equity and inclusion for all people and their communities. And each of our impact areas and programs moves us toward our goal of advancing racial equity – by listening to and working together with our residents, employees and partners, we are investing in the systemic changes we want to see in our country.

The Commitment Starts with Us

Racial equity is at the center of our work – and every one of us at Enterprise plays an important role. Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council and our Racial Equity Working Group both outline strategies to benefit our staff and the communities we serve. We also empower employees to drive the change they want to see – our new Employee Resource Groups foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace and amplify the voices of populations who may be underrepresented at work by eliminating barriers to equity and inclusion.

Lori Chatman headshot
We’re helping people overcome the historic and systemic barriers that keep them from the table so they can build the future they envision for themselves and the communities they love.
Lori Chatman, President, Capital Division
How We Do It
Here are some of the ways we advance racial equity across our work.

Fair Housing

Fight for legislative and regulatory change at the federal, state and local levels that advance fair housing policy.

Health & Housing

Work with healthcare organizations, affordable housing owners and operators, policymakers and philanthropy organizations to promote more equitable health outcomes.

Housing as a Pathway to Justice

We work with local communities to expand housing opportunities while reducing recidivism and promoting upward mobility for people with criminal legal backgrounds.

Tribal Nations & Rural Communities

Support organizations in rural communities and on tribal lands so families have affordable places to call home and more chances for upward mobility.

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Building to Heal
Our framework is designed for our partners on the ground – the organizations working every day to help people and communities heal from deep historical and ongoing disinvestment and racism.

Meet Our Team