Community development practitioners work within systems of perpetual racial trauma, contributing to a rise in empathy-fatigue and increased professional burnout.

Our programs explore healing for both practitioner and communities by providing tools and resources that place racial equity at the forefront of community-based work. A healing-centered approach creates awareness and builds capacity, provides training and peer-learning opportunities, and sustains networks that expand the field of practice and will have lasting impact for generations.

Together with our partners, we are building a future that supports community members and practitioners so they can collectively heal from deep historical, structural and ongoing disinvestment. By cultivating healing-based practices, we help to increase levels of well-being across communities.

Healing-centered gatherings

We curate experiences for people in the field to reconnect with their own sense of purpose, build a community of peers and likeminded individuals, and experience healing for themselves. Participants leave with new tools, relationships and ideas that reenergize them, their teams and their work.

Our partners include, The Strong Prosperous And Resilient Communities Challenge (SPARCC), Native Homeownership Learning Communities Cohort and HOPE SF. Key projects include Building to Heal Peer Network, The Thome Aging Well Health Action Plan,Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge, Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute, Regional Resilience Academies and the Enterprise Rose Fellowship.  Learn more about applying healing-centered practices to your community development work.

Within indigenous cultures, we incorporate traditional practices into our programming, use open and closed ceremonial practices with smudging, intergenerational connectivity, and apply our traditional language.
Shelby Chapoose, Executive Director, Indigenous Health & Wellness Connections
Tools & Resources for Practice

We’ve developed a suite of tools, tips and strategies based on our framework for holistic community development that centers healing while honoring culture and integrating the arts and creativity. 

Centering Culture & Healing in Community Development

From the EcoDistricts Institute Webinar series, this video explores the healing-centered framework.

Learn more.

Cultural Resilience Criterion

Developer guidance on how to ensure the built environment honors cultural identities, resident voices, and community histories.

Learn more.

Healing-Centered Framework Webinar

The pre-recorded presentation explores how those interested in the framework can bring it into their work.

Learn more.

Building to Heal Tools Catalogue

This collection of resources, developed with the Build to Heal Peer Network, focuses on creating a more equitable and inclusive community development workforce.

Learn more.