Enterprise Community Development

We're proud that more than 23,000 residents call our communities home. We are the top nonprofit owner and developer of affordable homes in the Mid-Atlantic, and we’re number one for a reason – we design, develop and manage communities with residents at the center.

$1 billion portfolio

The largest regional nonprofit housing provider and the sixth largest in the United States.

115 communities

Dedicated resident services and property managers put resident success and wellbeing first.

52 cities

Every property is carefully designed to prioritize each unique community and the people who live there.

What We Do
Five fully-integrated focus areas:
Residential Development

Financial discipline, innovative design and creative partnerships to deliver uncompromising quality.

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Resident Services

Dedicated services connecting residents to opportunities with tailored community programming.

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Acquisition & Preservation

Start-to-finish approach to building well-designed homes that residents can afford.

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Community Planning

Close collaboration with community members and local partners to create a place of pride and belonging.

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Property Management

A proven track record operating quality communities and providing exceptional living experiences.

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buildings looking towards the sky
Looking for a home?
Our affordable rental communities are located in D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
Brian McLaughlin in office at Metro Heights
Home is more than an address – it means access to good schools, hospitals, transit and other opportunities to rise up in life. When residents thrive, we all grow.
Brian McLaughlin, President, Community Development

Residents at the Center

Kids make art at an afterschool program at Park Montgomery Apartments in Maryland

Pictured: Kids and parent volunteers in our afterschool program at Park Montgomery Apartments in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Residents are the heart of our work and the reason behind all we do. That’s why we collaborate with resident and community volunteers, partners and local and federal government agencies to make sure residents access what they're looking for right where they live – whether that’s fresh food, health and wellness programs, financial counseling, or even afterschool classes for kids.

residents laughing outside
From community building to comprehensive services, we enrich residents’ experiences and build stronger futures.
A panel of people sitting on the stage while one woman asking them questions

A New Standard in Resident Services

Gannett White House Editor, Romania Ruiz, led this panel at our 40th Anniversary National Conference to explore the unique symbiosis between property management and resident services. 

Read key session takeaways from this critical discussion or watch a quick video recap.

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