Together with partners and funders, Enterprise has created or preserved over 138,600 affordable homes by leveraging $8.6 billion in capital throughout Ohio. We convene and lead coalitions to bring housing-based programs and creative policy solutions to support residents in achieving housing stability and economic mobility.

Some of our key programs include:

  • Lead Safe Cleveland: Leads public-private partnership supporting effective, enforceable and equitable solutions to lead poisoning
  • Justice Involved Homes: Increases availability of all types of housing as one element of comprehensive support for people formerly incarcerated
  • Cuyahoga EITC Coalition: Supports upward mobility by coordinating services that lead to greater financial security and wealth building
  • Homelessness: Creates, improves and scales housing, support services and policy for adults, young adults and families experiencing homelessness
  • Capacity building: Supports nonprofits to create and preserve affordable homes in communities of choice
  • State and local policy: Advances equitable housing and opportunity for low-income residents throughout Ohio

Funder Spotlight

Nord Family Foundation

Thanks to the support of the Nord Foundation, we are delivering programs that increase the housing supply, advance racial equity, and build resilience and upward mobility for residents and communities across the State of Ohio.

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