We believe all residents, regardless of income, deserve a pathway to homeownership. 

Make It Home Cleveland is a program committed to giving people living in tax-forfeited properties the chance to become the homeowner of the property before the property is sold to someone else. Unlike traditional housing programs, the program uniquely combines personalized guidance with resources intended to ensure a smooth transition to homeownership. 

Make It Home Cleveland team members are currently reaching out to residents who may be eligible for this program to discuss the program and available services, such as one-on-one homebuyer help, home repair support, legal assistance and other beneficial services designed to ensure a smooth transition to homeownership.

Funder Spotlight
Rocket Community Fund

The Make It Home program was first created by the Rocket Community Fund in 2017 to help eligible Detroit families at risk of tax foreclosure avoid displacement. The Rocket Community Fund partnered with Enterprise, the City of Cleveland, CHN Housing Partners, and Cuyahoga Land Bank to adapt the program to Cleveland.

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Program Partners

Enterprise logo
Enterprise Community Partners is the lead convener of a network of local partners administering the Make It Home Cleveland program to eligible residents.
Cuyahoga Land Bank logo
Seal of Cleveland, Ohio
Cuyahoga Land Bank, with support from the City of Cleveland, identifies occupied properties on the state property tax forfeiture list. The Land Bank will also work with eligible individuals to purchase their property at a minimal acquisition cost.
Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless conducts direct outreach to people living in identified properties, answers questions, and connects residents interested in Make It Home Cleveland to their next step.
CHN Housing Partners
CHN Housing Partners (CHN) assesses homebuyer readiness, provides one-on-one counseling, and connects new homeowners to home repairs that support safe, sustainable, and affordable homeownership long-term.
The Legal Aid Society
The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland provides a legal check-up that identifies any barriers to homeownership and helps new homeowners protect their assets and support generational wealth.
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Get Started Today  

Residents eligible for the program will be contacted by a Make It Home Cleveland team member through door knocking, a leave-behind door hanger, or by a mailed postcard. If you received Make It Home Cleveland outreach and you’re interested in getting started, please contact your team member using the information on your postcard.

Program Sponsors 

Make It Home Cleveland is made possible with the generous support of Rocket Community Fund, United Way of Greater Cleveland, the George Gund Foundation, the Cleveland Foundation, and the Third Federal Foundation.

For more information about Make It Home Cleveland, please contact Kathy Matthews, Enterprise Program Director at kmatthews@enterprisecommunity.org or 216.635.6569.