Our Priorities in Detroit

  • Help the city put U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding to best use, through our work with the Housing and Revitalization Department and Office of Grants Management
  • Assist the city to align strategies and resources in neighborhoods of opportunity
  • Continue to support the Detroit Land Bank Authority as it assesses needs and works to redevelop vacant properties in the city’s target neighborhoods
  • Build the capacity of local community development corporations and developers to advance key revitalization projects
  • Support a healthier Detroit by improving the affordable housing stock and strengthening connections to transit and jobs

Our Impact in Detroit

To date, Enterprise has invested $4.5 Million in Detroit:

  • $2.75 million in development financing through the Detroit Development Fund
  • $500,000 in Section 4 funding for local partners to build capacity
  • Technical assistance to the Detroit Land Bank Authority
  • Technical assistance to various city departments, including the Housing and Revitalization Department, Office of Grants Management and Planning and Development Department
  • Two Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows placed with local partners

State & Local Policy

Read about our policy work in Detroit.

2016 Year in Review

Reinforcing Partnerships in Neighborhoods – City of Detroit (Brush Park)

Enterprise, in partnership with Bedrock LLC, was selected as the housing implementation entity for the city’s Choice Neighborhoods application, which was submitted to HUD in August. With the assistance of a variety of stakeholders and foundation support, the application included a comprehensive plan for the redevelopment of the former Brewster-Douglass site located within Brush Park – downtown Detroit.

The site is the location of the first federally-funded housing development in the nation. The application explained a mixed-use development that holistically addressed the needs of residents in the form of education, health care, wellness and jobs. Enterprise has a history of partnering with municipalities and for-profit developers for the creation of housing and communities that are safe, sustainable and affordable. Although HUD funding was not awarded, Enterprise is committed to supporting the administration and the Brush Park community on the transformation of the neighborhood.

Sinai – Grace Hospital (Northwest)

There is a direct correlation between healthy homes and healthy communities. This is why Enterprise has partnered with Sinai-Grace, a hospital within the Detroit Medical Center network, to evaluate the built environment and social determinants of health within Northwest Detroit. Sinai-Grace is a community health hospital that seeks to assist both their patients and employees with connections to quality affordable health care and housing, along with services that holistically address an individual’s needs. Sinai-Grace and a collective of faith-based community development organizations are leveraging Enterprise’s experience in advancing health and housing initiatives nationally to revitalize the neighborhood.

An anchor institution like Sinai-Grace has tremendous influence and can greatly affect the community surrounding it. The city of Detroit has a targeted economic development strategy which utilizes anchor institutions to help stabilize neighborhoods. As an organization that offers an array of solutions, Enterprise is helping to bridge the gaps in the Northwest neighborhoods for stronger and connected communities.

Jefferson Chalmers (East)

Building upon the current work of our Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow Joshuah Budiongan at Jefferson East, Inc., a $3 million investment from Kresge was made to Enterprise Community Loan Fund (ECLF), which is being used to leverage additional impact capital from private individuals and entities to create a long-term revolving pool of funds dedicated specifically to the inclusive and equitable revitalization of the Jefferson-Chalmers corridor. The funds are specifically targeted toward the equitable and inclusive revitalization of the Jefferson-Chalmers Corridor, bridging downtown to Grosse Pointe and reconnecting residents to green space along the waterfront.

ECLF has underwritten four multifamily projects which will provide vital rehabilitated housing for residents working along the corridor, downtown and at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant. Jefferson East, Inc., and its partners also have site control of additional properties along the corridor. Enterprise is helping to fill the gap for funding initiatives specifically focused on housing. We will also bring to bear facilities financing and working capital for health providers, schools and healthy food activities, and leverage additional capital through a variety of collaborative tables.

Making Development Affordable, Sustainable, and Resilient through Solutions and Innovation.

Our 7th Annual Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute in July of 2016 brought over 100 professionals from CDC’s, architectural organizations and development firms across the country to Detroit. Design charrettes, best practices in affordable housing development and nationally-recognized projects were highlighted. The city of Detroit’s Office of Planning was a key partner in the execution of the event.

Investing for Impact

Enterprise has invested approximately $5,700,000 in Detroit as of 2016. This was leveraged with public and private resources for substantial impact in the community. These funds represented investments from our diverse business lines, including:

We are a partner that offers capital, programmatic and policy solutions that seek to build upon community assets. Together, we can rebuild the city of Detroit by assessing, addressing and evaluating the specific needs of each neighborhood.


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