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Enterprise Community Partners’ Mid-Atlantic Office seeks an experienced organization with strong real-estate analysis experience, affordable housing expertise, and knowledge of the Washington, DC region to complete a capital needs and nonprofit capacity analysis for the Purple Line corridor to answer these questions.
Policy  Mid-Atlantic Preservation & Production Racial Equity
Please join us during this informational webinar, where we will cover information on the Wells Fargo Foundation, how to ensure your project is eligible for Invest Native, and more about the four pillars of funding.
Technical Assistance Tribal Nations Upward Mobility 
Join us for demystifying the state funding resources available for your next development project.
Technical Assistance Preservation Equity Northern California Southern California Tribal Nations Preservation & Production Racial Equity
Join leaders from Enterprise, Housing Partnership Network, and RMI to learn about the Affordable Housing Decarbonization Hub.
Technical Assistance Resilience
The workshop will review a recently launched pilot addendum for the Enterprise Green Communities Criterion 5.2b - Moving to Zero Energy: Near Zero Certification, our highest level of Green Communities certification.
Technical Assistance Green Communities
This session will cover what to do once you’re awarded and even after your project is built—what we call stewardship.
Advisory Services (Consulting) Northern California Southern California Tribal Nations Preservation
AHSC Active Transportation + Local Transit 101 is the third in a series of free public webinars, supported by the Strategic Growth Council and Enterprise. The webinars are focused on the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program (AHSC).
Technical Assistance Northern California Rural Communities Southern California Tribal Nations Resilience Building Resilient Futures Green Communities
Enterprise is looking to hire a consultant to help create a toolkit of strategies that housing providers can use to house and service people impacted by the criminal legal system.
Advisory Services and Technical Assistance Fair Housing Housing as a Pathway to Justice

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