The harmful effects of climate change damage our nation’s supply of affordable homes – risking the lives of people and communities who need them most.

Together we can make homes that are sustainable, climate-resilient and affordable and equip communities with resources to help them withstand and recover from natural disasters.

Our Impact

We’re building resilient, sustainable communities

Over the next three years, we anticipate that Congress and HUD will reform how disaster recovery dollars reach low- and moderate-income households. Here's what else we expect:



affordable homes will be certified to meet our Green Communities standards each year



project teams will receive intensive training and technical assistance as early adopters of the 2020 Green Communities Criteria 


860 +

people will take part in our training sessions or receive technical assistance from our team

Here’s how we do it.

Educate and Motivate

Conduct Climate Resilience Academies tailored to address specific regional risks, such as flooding, heat and wildfires, and help building owners and operators understand how to assess and adapt their properties and work with residents to address these risks.

Host Equitable Decarbonization Convenings for housing providers committed to a just transition away from fossil fuels and developing and adopting new innovative practices in emissions reduction across their portfolios.

Provide Business Continuity Plan training for building owners and property managers to minimize operational disruptions and their impact on residents in the event of a disaster.

Outside venue with people sitting watching a speaker

Pictured: Affordable housing developers in island communities attend our Keep Safe launch event in Puerto Rico.

Assess, Adapt and Mitigate

Deploy tools like the Business Continuity Toolkit for emergency preparedness, Portfolio Protect for multifamily risk assessment, Keep Safe and other multifamily building assessment tools so housing providers can identify vulnerabilities and opportunities.

Launch the First 20, a peer network of early adopters of our 2020 Green Communities Criteria to share learnings, provide individualized technical assistance, and showcase best practices in healthy, sustainable, resilient affordable housing design and operations.

Accelerate Recovery and Rebuilding

Create Disaster Recovery Accelerator Fund to shorten the time between when a disaster hits and when federal disaster recovery resources are available to support the rebuilding of multifamily rental housing.

Support and evaluate the effectiveness of Innovative Post-Disaster Housing Models through technical assistance, grants, policy advocacy and program evaluation.

Drive systems-level changes by reforming disaster recovery policy, modernizing building codes, incorporating resilience as criteria for public subsidy and establishing the first National Multifamily Resilience Advisory Council in the U.S.

In the video: This panel at our 40th Anniversary National Conference explored leading financing and public-private partnership innovations that could reshape sustainable affordable housing development.

Houston family in temporary housing after hurricane
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