Denver Regional Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Fund

Provides financing for the acquisition of property alongside transit corridors for the preservation or development of affordable housing and community facilities.

Project Types

  • Multifamily affordable rental housing (for-sale may be considered)
  • Mixed-use projects that provide community facility and/or non-profit space (ex. childcare centers, health clinics, charter schools, fresh food markets) in addition to housing
  • Vacant/underutilized land that will be acquired for the purpose of producing either of the above

Development Parameters

  • Located in the seven-county Denver Metro Area including incorporated cities; and
  • Within ½ mile of an existing or future fixed rail station or within ¼ mile of a high frequency bus corridor

Loan Amount & Term

  • Up to $5 million
  • Maximum of 5 years

Loan-to-Value Up to 90% of the lesser of the as-is appraised value or the purchase price.

Interest Rate

Fixed-rate; expected to be between 3.65% and 4.10% depending on term and geographic location


  • Application Fee: $2,500 non-refundable, credited toward origination fee
  • Origination Fee: 1.5% of project loan, payable half at commitment and the balance at closing


Up to 68% of the principal balance; if borrower is a special purpose entity, then the sponsor and/or principal(s) will provide a payment and repayment guaranty.


Real estate in a first priority position. Other secured loans must be subordinate to the TOD Fund loan and subject to subordination and standstill agreements.


  • Monthly interest-only payments; principal due at maturity or upon receipt of a repayment source
  • Borrower must maintain sufficient unrestricted liquidity to support repayment. At Lender’s discretion, interest payments may be made from a capitalized interest reserve funded through loan proceeds.
  • No pre-payment penalty

Contact Joshua Griff at 303.376.5409