We are thrilled that the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) Annual Conference will be in person this year.

We can’t wait to see so many of our partners and showcase the work we are doing collaboratively to end housing insecurity and homelessness in California and the Bay Area. We invite you to join Enterprise team members at seven panels at the conference on Monday, Oct. 3, 2022, at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

Session 1 (9:15 - 10:30 a.m. PT)

The Bay Area’s Affordable Housing Pipeline: Implications for Financing, Policy, and Advocacy
Anaise Jean-Philippe will moderate a session with Kate Hartley from the Bay Area Housing Finance Agency (BAHFA), Consuelo Hernandez from the Santa Clara County Office of Supportive Housing, and Benjamin Wickham from Burbank Housing on BAHFA’s potential to unlock the public financing needed to build affordable homes in the Bay Area, especially those in the pipeline. Enterprise collaborated with BAHFA, local jurisdictions, affordable housing developers, and financial consultants to quantify the number of homes ready to be built and the funding needed to move them from predevelopment to construction. This panel explores findings from the Bay Area regional pipeline and its connections to BAHFA’s current and future program and policy initiatives.

Coalition Building for a Big Electoral Win in 2024
Geeta Rao will join Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Matt Huerta from Matt Huerta Consulting, and Ja’Nai Aubry from NPH to discuss the dual campaign strategy in 2024 of pursuing a Statewide Constitutional Amendment to lower the voter threshold for local affordable housing bond measures to a simple majority, while simultaneously pursuing a local affordable housing bond measures in 2024. This includes a $10-20B measure for the Bay Area through the new Bay Area Housing Finance Authority.

Swinging at Solutions: Hitting the High Cost Curveball
Heather Hood will moderate as session on the high cost of housing with Ben Metcalf from the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley, Lillian Lew-Hailer from Mercy Housing California, and Kathy Kleinbaum from City of San Mateo. This session will discuss how heightened costs to build housing has compounded the state’s shortage of affordable homes and will lift up solutions to define, confront, and solve this pervasive and complicated barrier to production.

Session 2 (1:15 - 2:30 p.m. PT)

Achieving our Regional Goals through Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) Transit-Oriented Communities Policy

Amiel Leano Atanacio will moderate this session on MTC’s Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) Policy with panelists Redwood City Mayor Giselle Hale, Erika Pinto from SPUR, and Kara Vuicich from MTC. They will discuss the TOC policy goals of shaping a more equitable region by promoting more dense housing and commercial development close to transit and will explore what the TOC policy means for housing in the region and the opportunities and challenges of integrating the new policy requirements into local planning and policy.

Preventing Displacement, Preserving Affordability: A Practitioner's Guide to Making Preservation Deals Work

Caroline McCormack will moderate this session on preserving affordability and preventing displacement with Emily Busch from East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation, Johnny Oliver from the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing & Community Development, and Stephanie Reyes from the California Department of Housing & Community Development. This panel will explore practitioner successes and challenges on preservation deals (from pre-development through stabilization), and discuss groundbreaking new state funding sources (e.g. the Foreclosure Intervention Housing Preservation Program) that will help bring preservation to the next level.

Session 3 (2:45 - 4 p.m. PT)

Portfolio Investment: Paths to Recovery in the Face of Limited, Competitive Funding

Caroline McCormack will join Lauren Maddock from California Housing Partnership, Lindy Suggs from California Department of Housing & Community Development, and Emily Van Loon from Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation to discuss creative strategies employed by developers to finance the rehabilitation of their existing portfolio properties. Topics include portfolio cross subsidizing strategies, navigating new funding sources like HCD’s Portfolio Reinvestment Program (PRP), and the 9% path for resyndications. Learn about new financing opportunities in the pipeline that may be available for these types of projects in the near future.

Transforming the PSH Ecosystem in the Bay Area and Statewide

Marc Tousignant will join Natalie Bonnewit of Bonnewit Development Services & PSH Consultant for NPH, Consuelo Hernandez from Santa Clara County Health & Human Services, and Tramecia Garner from Swords to Plowshares to discuss the challenges and opportunities in developing and operating Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH). Panelists will share the purpose and key findings from their respective convenings and focus on areas of alignment for improving the PSH ecosystem that could lead to collective statewide advocacy and enhanced sharing of resources.

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