Enterprise, in partnership with USGBC and The Health Impact Project, created a process for affordable housing developers to integrate health into the design and development or rehabilitation of their housing. This innovative process pairs affordable housing developers with public health professionals to prioritize the health needs of their community through data analysis and community engagement.

Armed with this knowledge, the developers and public health practitioners are then positioned to create a Health Action Plan detailing the design and programmatic strategies that will be undertaken to improve the health needs of the residents they aim to serve. To follow through with these strategies and measure their impact, developers will then create an Implementation and Monitoring Plan.


As illustrated by its inclusion in the 2015 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, Enterprise is committed to scaling the use of this process to target health outcomes in an upstream setting. In 2016, five community development corporations piloted the Health Action Plan framework to determine its impact, and it was discovered that organizational commitment, quality partnerships with public health professionals, data analytics and community engagement were key to success.chris-jordan.jpg

Today, our team is working to create the tools, partnerships, and financing mechanisms that enable the affordable housing community to succeed with this platform at large.

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