Services in Housing

An Opportunity to Strengthen America’s Public Health Infrastructure

Enterprise connects with and supports frontline partners working at the intersection of affordable housing and healthcare. As society moves through the COVID-19 pandemic, we've seen how these partners are mission-aligned, adapt in times of crisis and serve their communities most critical needs. There is an opportunity for additional alignment between healthcare and affordable housing, especially around meeting needs through on-the-ground services. To explore this, Enterprise developed a series of issue briefs, Services in Housing: An Opportunity to Strengthen America's Public Health Infrastructure.

In this series, the role that housing-based services play in our public health infrastructure is examined as well as how it could be further activated to support health equity. The Services in Housing series is informed by a set of interviews with high-capacity affordable housing services practitioners, Enterprise's work in seeking partnerships with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations and healthcare partners related to housing-based services, and our experience as an affordable housing owner and operator.

Issue Brief 1 | The Role of Affordable Housing Services in Moving the U.S. Towards Achieving Health Equity
Issue Brief 2 | Growth Opportunities for Service Delivery within Affordable Housing and Medicaid Partnerships
Issue Brief 3 | Possibilities for Synergy and Policy Alignment in Medicaid and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

This work was produced by Enterprise Community Partners in partnership with Dynamic Solutions and with generous funding from Wells Fargo.

October 17, 2022
Enterprise Community Partners, Dynamic Solutions
Impact Areas
  • Racial Equity
  • Health & Housing
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
  • Resident Services