Ready to Respond: Disaster Staffing Toolkit

The Ready to Respond: Disaster Staffing Toolkit is a guide developed for affordable multifamily housing organizations. It is designed to help organizations develop comprehensive disaster staffing plans to protect buildings, engage residents and continue business operations in the event of a disaster.


Disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. Having the right plan in place before a disaster will ensure an effective, coordinated response. The Disaster Staffing Toolkit is based on the Incident Command System (ICS), a planning framework used by federal, state and local first responders to help with command, control and coordination of disaster response. Read an overview of the toolkit to understand the importance of developing a disaster staffing plan.

By using the toolkit to develop a disaster staffing plan, your organization will be able to:

  • Assign an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (EPC) to manage the plan’s implementation
  • Minimize building damage and ensure quick return to service
  • Support the safety, preparedness and recovery of residents
  • Maintain key business operations throughout a disaster

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (EPC) and Disaster Response Roles


With an EPC in place, planning begins. Learn about the EPC and each of the disaster response roles, and tools needed to be ready to respond. 



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