Affordable Housing in Rural America

Responding to a Great Need for Affordable Housing

Many of the nation’s rural communities struggle with persistently high rates of poverty. One in every four rural households in the U.S. is severely overburdened by housing costs. More than 40 percent lack basics like water, electricity and adequate heating and plumbing.  

We are helping rural communities respond to these challenges, and provide decent, green affordable housing for all residents by:

  • Advocating for support for rental assistance and other funding programs
  • Advancing best practices in green building and sustainability
  • Promoting the development of safe, affordable and green homes for farm workers, with a special focus on migrant worker communities in the Pacific Northwest and southwestern U.S.


Affordable Housing in Native America

Enterprise works with tribal and community partners to create healthy, safe, green affordable housing and to increase opportunities for economic advancement for individuals and families.

In 2016 we published Designing and Operating Homeownership Programs on Tribal Lands, a guide offering tribal leadership a comprehensive overview of the steps required to create homeownership programs on reservation land, with a particular focus on the mortgage lending process. It helps introduce mortgage lending processes on reservations in a way that:

  • Leverages existing federal funding so that you can significantly increase financial resources for housing on reservation land
  • Leverages government and private mortgage programs and resources for housing on reservation land
  • Allows tribes or tribal affiliates to develop or sponsor many more homes for ownership by tribal members
  • Helps tribes manage the mortgage process on tribal land.

As another way to improve housing on reservations and pueblos, Enterprise has just partnered with the Center for Indian Country Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis to create the Tribal Leaders Handbook on Homeownership. It is designed to help tribal leadership navigate the often-complicated process of homeownership on tribal lands, and Enterprise will soon be offering a series of trainings in conjunction with the handbook.

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The National Initiatives team supports organizations across the country by providing technical assistance in our focus areas of building sustainable organizations, equitable transit-oriented development, design leadership, health and housing, and rural and Native American housing. Technical assistance engagements can vary in timeline, cost, and deliverables.

If you are interested in seeking technical assistance from the National Initiatives team, please submit a request for support. A member of the National Initiatives team will determine if our expertise and capacity aligns with your request and a member of the team will respond promptly.

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