Tools to Engage Residents in Green & Healthy Living

Educate and engage the people that live in your buildings.  Their actions can help create a community that supports healthy living, lowers utility and maintenance costs, and maximizes the environmental benefits of green affordable housing.

Watch this short presentation explaining Enterprise's commitment to green affordable housing and resident led engagement strategies.  

Engagement Examples

See how residents, young and old, have used these tools in their communities:


Examples of how 6 affordable housing organizations have implemented and customized the Resident Engagement Training in a Box.


In Virginia, Community Housing Partners created a series of videos for their SMART homes green tenant education program.


In Oregon, MPower has developed a resident engagement platform  for their stakeholders’ use.

Resident Engagement Manual

Manuals provide the backbone of a property’s resident engagement program. This suite of materials align with the key principles of the 2015 Criteria and allows owners to translate information about the design and construction of their building into a format that engages residents on how to best maintain their dwelling unit and the building at large.

Your Green Healthy Home

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