Ready to Respond Tools for Resilience

r2r-disaster-staffing.png 19 retrofit strategies
The Ready to Respond: Disaster Staffing Toolkit Develop comprehensive disaster plans to protect buildings, residents and business operations. 19 retrofit strategies to make buildings more resilient against extreme weather events.
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Over 100 training videos on disaster preparedness, building infrastructure, resident engagement and more.

Our Ready to Respond Tools for Resilience were developed to help affordable housing organizations make their buildings resilient, prepare their staff to handle emergencies and ensure their residents remain safe.  View the Ready to Respond: Strategies for Multifamily Building Resilience webinar for an overview of the background and guiding principles of the Ready to Respond manual.

These tools will help you:

  • Communicate and coordinate with residents and external stakeholders during a variety of emergencies
  • Ensure housing infrastructure can sustain shocks from a variety of emergency events
  • Maintain business continuity during an emergency event
  • Support compliance with the 2015 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria and its new criterion: Design for Resilience

These strategies will help affordable housing organizations of all sizes manage shocks from major disasters and develop the resilience needed to adapt to future emergencies.

Become Ready to Respond: Futureproofing your Public Housing Facility - 2016 Webinar series