State & Local Policy

Enterprise’s State & Local Policy team works in state houses and city halls across the country to increase local resources for affordable housing, use existing resources more effectively and ensure that America’s rental housing stock is sustainable for the long-term. We approach policy and advocacy by working with local partners through coalitions, building relationships with policymakers and providing recommendations based on best practice.

Enterprise also coordinates the High-Cost Cities Housing Forum, a peer-to-peer group comprised of the local housing commissioners from nine of the most expensive cities in the United States. The forum serves as a venue for policymakers to discuss housing policy, offer program ideas and exchange best practices.


Where We Work

Enterprise has a deep presence in 10 markets across the country, where we are working with state and local policymakers to develop the policies, resources and programs necessary to address the housing problems facing their communities.

Untitled.pngWhile our specific priorities vary from market to market, Enterprise’s State & Local Policy work focuses on four general areas of public policy:

  • Expanding Local Resources: Maximize funding for key housing programs and establish state and local housing trust funds with dedicated revenue sources.
  • Supporting Inclusive Development: Engage private developers through inclusionary zoning where appropriate and establish land use and other regulations that promote the cost-effective development of multifamily housing.
  • Promoting Racial Equity and Economic Opportunity: Connect low-income families to jobs, quality schools, transit and other essential resources, while working with policymakers to develop comprehensive plans for addressing residential segregation and housing discrimination.
  • Protecting Low-Income Renters: Establish protections for all renters from unnecessary evictions and other forms of forced displacement.


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