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2020 Colorado Legislative Summary

Several successful measures will provide lasting protections for Colorado tenants and much-needed funding for housing assistance in response to the Covid-19 crisis.
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California's Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program Awards $552 Million

On June 25, the  Strategic Growth Council  approved awards totaling $552 million to 26  distinct Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program applications throughout the state of California.
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Building Capacity for Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Programs

Sponsored by the California Strategic Growth Council, Enterprise is leading a team of technical assistance providers to deliver capacity building for the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program throughout the state.
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How Local Governments and States are Responding to Covid-19 Through Policy

As CARES Act funding is allocated, governments have been tasked with planning for the deployment of those dollars — and Enterprise has worked around the country to ensure that housing relief is a prioritized as those funding commitments are made.
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Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center Acquires Site with WELL Fund

The Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center (MCFHC) closed financing to take ownership of a former church property near its current home on the edge of Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood. Enterprise is very excited to announce that this transaction is our first loan closing through our Washington Early Learning Loan (WELL) Fund.
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Hope Counts: In L.A., a Housing Organization Wearing Many Hats Adds First-Responder Role

As a fundraiser, Nikki Kealalio Sutton’s job is to tell a good story. Yet she often wondered if the tale of her Los Angeles nonprofit was perhaps a little too all over the place. Then the coronavirus emerged, toppling any notions about the organization taking on too much or running too many programs.
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