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Building Resilient Futures

When we build more resilient communities, we build a better future for everyone.

The challenges of our new climate are many. Climate disasters are more frequent. And the day-to-day stressors of our changing climate disproportionally affect vulnerable communities, including low-income and communities of color.

Our Building Resilient Futures initiative brings together three vital Enterprise programs that collectively work to help protect people, homes and communities:

  • Culture & Creativity: One of Enterprise’s newest programs, this initiative promotes art, creative placemaking and more to build vibrant communities where engaged residents thrive and local economies succeed.
  • Green CommunitiesFor over 15 years, Green Communities has continued to break new ground by offering a framework and technical resources for healthy, environmentally sound affordable homes and communities. 
  • Recovery & Rebuilding: Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, we have introduced important risk-mitigation resources to help vulnerable communities prepare for, recover and rebuild after natural disasters.

Resilience is more than just being able to bounce back or rebuild after a disaster. It’s about drawing from the inherent strength in communities and helping everyone prepare for and move forward in the face of our new climate future.

Developing New Standards

We believe that every affordable home should be well-designed and able to withstand the effects of our changing climate.

That’s why we support policies that direct dollars quickly and effectively where they’re needed most and incentivize developers to make affordable homes climate resilient.

Enterprise also provides equity, loans and grants that prioritize climate-resilient homes and communities.

We’re creating new ways to make environmentally sound cost-effective. Together, we can make climate resilience the norm not the exception.

Elevating Community Voices

Recognizing a community’s strength and understanding what it truly needs starts with listening. That's why community voices are central to our efforts, helping to inform smarter decisions that build the foundation for even greater resilience. 

Because helping communities be as prepared as they can be for climate events means both building stronger homes and building stronger community connections.

Collaborating with All Partners

Because the challenges are bigger than any one of us can solve alone, we’re partnering with policy experts, investors, community organizations, developers and more to build a better future for everyone.

Because no two communities are alike and challenges differ, Enterprise is working to ensure everyone has access to the resources, knowledge and best practices needed to prepare for our new climate reality.


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