Preservation Next: Foreclosure Intervention Housing Preservation Program (FIHPP) Webinars

Preserving California’s small unsubsidized housing stock is a critical strategy to reduce displacement, preserve affordability, and stabilize communities.  The State of California is launching an ambitious, first-of-its-kind program to address these pressing preservation needs. The Foreclosure Intervention Housing Preservation Program (FIHPP) -- enabled by housing budget bill AB140 in 2021 and made available through the California Department of Housing and Community Development’s (HCD) -- is a $485 million program designed to support the preservation of small properties that are at-risk of foreclosure by providing permanent, low-cost financing. Capital for this program is expected to be available in early 2024. 

Enterprise is collaborating with FIHPP technical assistance (TA) partners –The California Community Land Trust Network, Community Vision, and Genesis LA - to provide a webinar series and individual TA as prospective borrowers gear up for the release of FIHPP funds. Sessions will be accompanied by guidance and template documents that will help mission-driven developers prepare for participation in the program, as well as long-term success as stewards of affordable housing. Sessions are open to all and will include:

August 10 | Partnerships for Housing Preservation

This session will explore how emerging nonprofit developers can vet and implement collaborations with experienced development partners to preserve housing for lower income households. Presenters from the CA Community Land Trust Network, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, CLTs and CDCs will introduce attendees to a new development partnerships toolkit, partnership case studies, and provide an overview of the various forms partnerships can take with their related considerations.

September 14, 2023 | Developing a Financial Stability and Business Plan

FIHPP requires applicants to provide a number of documents that demonstrate organizational capacity to plan for and manage a small- to medium-multifamily (SMMF) affordable real estate portfolio. Regardless of whether an organization plans to access FIHPP, it is important for all housing providers to develop and understand their business model and plan for long-term financial sustainability. This webinar, presented in collaboration with Community Vision Capital and Consulting, will help prospective FIHPP applicants understand how to put together their organization’s Financial Sustainability/Business Plan and 20-year organizational cash flow in preparation for FIHPP’s application process and will be accompanied by template versions of these required documents. 

October 12, 2023 | Asset Management Strategies - Register

The final webinar in this series will take small-to-medium-multifamily (SMMF) developers through the considerations and systems they will need to have in place to adequately manage the physical health of their portfolio into the future. This session will review the functions, roles and responsibilities among the various stakeholders involved in asset management and will also include guidance on the development of an asset management plan that meets FIHPP program requirements."

As background, in November 2022, Enterprise Community Partners (Enterprise) launched Preservation Next to support the capacity and growth of this sector.  The 11-part webinar series explored key topics related to acquisition, rehab, long-term stewardship and organizational sustainability.  Enterprise is now looking to build on Preservation Next with this summer series to prepare potential borrowers for public sources of financing, such as FIHPP. 

July 21, 2023
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