Join the 2020 Puerto Rico Nonprofit Leadership Development Cohort

About the Puerto Rico Nonprofit Leadership Development Initiative 

Building on our commitment to thriving island communities, the Puerto Rico Nonprofit Leadership Development Initiative seeks to build the capacity of Puerto Rico’s nonprofit community through a deep-dive engagement that offers staffing resource, coaching, training and peer-to-peer learning. 

The initiative was created by the Puerto Rico Nonprofit Capacity Building Network, led by Enterprise Community Partners (Enterprise), NeighborWorks America (NeighborWorks) and the Puerto Rico Community Foundation (Community Foundation).  

With the goal of creating long-term capacity, nonprofits selected to participate will develop skills in areas such as organizational leadership, fiscal and operational health, staff and boards, and technical capacity.  

Key components of the program will be:

  •  Direct technical assistance for the organization in specific areas of need
  • One-to-one mentoring for select staff 
  • Peer learning with other grantees
  • Capacity building workshops in nonprofit operations and technical areas (open to all nonprofits and board members per available space) 

Program Delivery: May 2020 - December 2020


We are pleased to share the selections for the inaugural cohort of the Puerto Rico Leadership Development Initiative and congratulate all of the applicants for the important work you are to support the Puerto Rican community. 

Members of the 2020 class are:

  • EnterPRize, Grupo Guayacán’s flagship startup initiative where entrepreneurs learn methods and tools to successfully develop their ventures.
  • Fundación de Desarrollo Comunal de Puerto Rico, Inc. (FUNDESCO), FUNDESCO transforms lives by providing housing & services that empowers those in need.
  • An affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico helps families and individuals achieve stability, self-sufficiency and attain a better future through homeownership.
  • INDESOVI de PR focuses on the development of affordable housing and increased socioeconomic opportunity for communities with low-to-moderate incomes in Puerto Rico.
  • Ponce Neighborhood Housing Services enriches the quality of life in Puerto Rico by financial literacy services and opportunities to acquire safe housing. 
  • Pathstone Corporation - Puerto Rico is dedicated to eliminating poverty and strengthening families and individuals by providing career & employment services, education & health services, access to housing resources and community development opportunities.

About the Puerto Rico Nonprofit Capacity Building Network

Led by Enterprise Community Partners (Enterprise), NeighborWorks America (NeighborWorks) and the Puerto Rico Community Foundation (Community Foundation), the Puerto Rico Nonprofit Capacity Building Network will support the island’s local nonprofits, which for decades have done remarkable work despite challenges that include limited operating funds, small staffs and sporadic training opportunities.

We launched this new network in recognition of the value that nonprofit organizations bring to Puerto Rico. Through their mission-focused work, nonprofits help the most vulnerable families and individuals achieve transformational goals for housing development, sustainability and community revitalization.

The network will develop an infrastructure to address obstacles by improving coordination among nonprofits, government and business. It will seek to equip organizations with additional knowledge in areas such as housing and community development, community engagement, collaboration, management and leadership.



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