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Enterprise’s generational goal is to end housing insecurity in the United States. That means no more homelessness and no more families paying more than half of their income on housing. As a down payment toward that goal, by 2020 Enterprise will help provide opportunity to 1 million low-income families through quality affordable housing and connections to good schools, jobs, transit, and health care.

We have a track record of creating opportunity. In 2017 alone, we invested $7.1 billion in communities across the country, creating more than 61,000 affordable and workforce homes. Since 1982, Enterprise has invested $36 billion and created 529,000 homes. Each affordable home we have helped build or preserve represents a real person or family – and a platform to the opportunity for a more stable and rewarding life.


Housing Credit Investments
  • $897 million
  • 7,212 affordable homes
  • 65 developments
New Markets Tax Credit
  • $61 million
  • 547,000 square feet
Bellwether Real Estate Capital, LLC
  • $6 billion in multifamily mortgage loans
  • 47,300 homes
Conventional Equity
  • $34 million
  • 1840 affordable homes
Enterprise Community Loan Fund
  • $125.6 million
  • 4,505 affordable homes
Enterprise Homes
  • $113.8 million
  • 448 homes


Housing Credit Investments
  • $12.8 billion
  • 151,205 affordable homes
New Markets Tax Credit
  • $948 million
  • 9.1 million square feet
  • 25,300 jobs
Bellwether Real Estate Capital, LLC
  • $22.6 billion invested
  • 173,500 homes
Conventional Equity
  • $67.9 million
  • 4,332 affordable homes
Enterprise Community Loan Fund
  • $1.7 billion
  • 108,421 affordable homes
Enterprise Homes
  • $955 million
  • 10,877 homes

An investment with Enterprise helps ensure that people across the country have a place to call home and an opportunity for a better life. Together, we can eliminate housing insecurity.

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