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Home is so much more than four walls. It’s a place to put down roots and build a family. It’s a place that can adjust as you age. It is the nexus of life. Yet many households nationwide struggle to make ends meet because their rent leaves little room for basic needs like health care and nutritious food. 

At Enterprise Community Development, we believe that every home should be affordable and provide pathways to opportunity. That’s why we’re committed to:

  • Making well-designed homes affordable 
  • Providing experienced property management invested in our residents’ wellbeing
  • Connecting our residents to resources that provide bridges to growth and success

Who We Are

In January 2020, Enterprise Community Development was formed through the combination of two Mid-Atlantic affordable housing powerhouses, Enterprise Homes, Inc., and Community Preservation and Development Corporation (CPDC). With a combined 60 years’ experience, Enterprise Community Development brings together the collective talent, resources and assets of both organizations to form one of the nation’s largest housing developers./p>

  • $1+ Billion Total Portfolio Value
  • 110+ Apartment Communities
  • 16,000+ Homes Developed
  • 360 Employees

Building on the legacies of its founding organizations, Enterprise Community Development will create and preserve even more well-designed affordable homes and continue to expand opportunity to our residents using the guiding principles of Enterprise Homes and CPDC:

  • New construction and preservation of homes tailored to the needs and assets of each community while promoting civic engagement and healthier neighborhoods.
  • Commitment to the financial success of every development and a “second bottom line” – measured by accessibility to people from all walks of life, resident satisfaction, and overall livability.
  • Uncompromising attention to design and construction quality.
  • A central focus on residents – who share in the creation of programs and services that support their communities.
  • A culture of resident engagement and volunteerism to unite people toward a common goal of community growth.  
  • A focus on environmentally sustainable design and operations, measured by green industry standards and adoption of latest technology.

What We Do

Along with our property management arm and Community Impact Strategies, our resident services division, Enterprise Community Development specializes in:

Construction Management
New Construction

Asset Management
Community Planning
Property Management
Resident Engagement
Supportive Services

Leveraging a full range of sophisticated financing tools, including Low-Income Tax Credits, tax-exempt bonds and a variety of private and public funding sources, Enterprise Community Development has the know-how and creativity to structure debt and equity solutions that deliver a double bottom line: measurable impact in the community and responsible financial stewardship to our partners. Simply put, Enterprise Community Development sets a high standard for community planning, affordable housing, resident services and asset management.

Our Communities

From Southern Pennsylvania to Virginia, Enterprise Community Development creates well-designed homes connected to opportunity. We build, improve, preserve and operate affordable, workforce, mixed-income and mixed-use communities for families and seniors.

Property Management

Our property management arm provides exceptional customer service for its portfolio of senior and family living communities. A leader in the affordable housing industry throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, we manage more than 80 apartment communities. We’re committed to improving the quality of life for residents while ensuring each of our communities meets the highest standards in the industry.

Resident Engagement

The resident experience is shaped not just by the design of housing or the quality of property management, but also by broader community factors – like access to good schools and healthy food. While we may not have direct control over the neighborhood attributes, Enterprise Community Development strives to remove the roadblocks from our residents’ wellbeing.

With 30 years of history, refinement and growth behind us, we have developed our Community Impact Strategies (CIS) program grounded in the delivery of services that help our residents connect to opportunities and resources that might not otherwise be available in their community.  As a result of our strategic work, Enterprise Community Development residents are doing better in school; learning new job skills; visiting with doctors more regularly; honing healthier eating and exercise habits; and engaging with other residents and property management in productive and lasting ways.

We also connect residents to service providers through a first-of-its-kind digital platform: Rezility. Developed and incubated by Enterprise, the platform includes a free personalized app that links residents to services, events and programs within their community and helps create “virtual communities” to bolster a supportive and engaged environment for progress and help on key goals.

Join Us

With over $1 billion in investments, Enterprise Community Development works with partners, donors and volunteers to bring opportunity to the doorsteps of people across the Mid-Atlantic. Join us.

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