March 23, 2020

Maintaining Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic – and the uncertainty and changes it brings – we know you need clear and practical guidance and valuable resources for business continuity.

We've compiled a variety of our most relevant Business Continuity Toolkit for Affordable Housing Organizations, which we developed to help affordable housing organizations like yours:

  • Make your buildings more resilient
  • Prepare your staff to handle emergencies
  • Ensure your residents remain safe
  • Ensure business continuity during and after a crisis

Our full library of Ready to Respond Tools is available to you free of charge as a resource for the entire affordable housing community. If you have questions about the toolkit, please contact Laurie Schoeman at

Business Continuity Toolkit

If you're looking for other information, COVID-19 response page is current with the latest updates on the coronavirus as well as our recommendations to help protect communities, residents and landlords.

Business Continuity Guidance (Insurance, Vendors, Payments)

  • Business Continuity Chief - Remains aware of the organization’s cash needs and insurance coverage, maintains vital business records, and oversees important financial and operational matters
  • Benefits & Reimbursement Guide - Helps organizations navigate the various sources available for post-crisis funding
  • Insurance Coverage Guide - Helps verify if an organization's insurance coverage is sufficient to protect the organization, buildings and residents in the event of a crisis or interruption in business activities
  • Insurance Coverage Worksheet - Important information about an organization's various insurance policies to track existing coverage and identify gaps
  • Vendor-Partner Contact List - Provides information for key vendors and partners related to an organization’s business continuity needs
  • Payment Card Guide - Describes the purpose and benefits of using payment cards for crisis-related purchases
  • Payment Card Worksheet - Tracks the status of payment cards and staff with payment card access
  • Office Shutdown Checklist - Guides staff through an appropriate shutdown of equipment prior to an evacuation or emergency event
  • Vital Records Guide - Best practices for collecting, organizing, storing and protecting records that are vital to business operations
  • Vital Records Worksheet - Helps organizations prioritize their list of vital documents. It includes a recommended list of records to compile and should be customized to fit the needs of the organization
  • Emergency Operations Center Guide - Tips and best practices for identifying and setting up an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) – a centralized operations location during a crisis
  • IT Continuity Checklist - Guides organizations in protecting critical IT equipment
  • IT Equipment Inventory Worksheet - Tracks critical IT and telecommunications equipment

External Communications Guidance

  • External Communications Guide - Best practices for communicating with media and other external stakeholders before, during and after a crisis
  • Staff Communications Guide - Helps organizations develop a multi-pronged communications strategy to send and receive information to and from staff members before, during, and after a crisis

Crisis Resources for Residents

  • Resident Flyer Guide - How to produce flyers to update residents and provide crisis preparedness information
  • Emergency Preparedness Flyer Template - Created in Microsoft Word, should be completed by the Resident Engagement Team Leader to notify residents about taking the necessary steps to self-prepare
  • Emergency Update Flyer Template - Created in Microsoft Word, should be completed by the Resident Engagement Team Leader to notify residents of emergency updates
  • Resident Services Contact List - Provides contact information for emergency contractors and agencies that support crisis recovery for residents
  • Resident Survey - Gathers critical contact and special needs information plus communication preferences so the organization can reach and support residents effectively
  • Floor Captain Guide - Describes the role of floor captains and how they can help support residents in crisis preparedness and response

Working With Staff on the Frontline of an Emergency

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