Health Action Plan Pilot Program Process Evaluation

Enterprise and the Health Impact Project were interested in observing and evaluating the process by which community development corporations (CDCs) implemented Enterprise Green Communities' Optional Criterion 1.2b. Funded by the Health Impact Project, Enterprise conducted a pilot program, and subsequent process evaluation, with five affordable housing developers between July and December of 2016. The purpose of the pilot program was to observe and support the process by which affordable housing developers use public health data and forge the key partnerships necessary to create a Health Action Plan and a Monitoring and Implementation Plan, the two components of Optional Criterion 1.2b. Moreover, this project would evaluate the effectiveness of Criterion 1.2b in capacity building. The knowledge gained through this pilot, and reflected in this evaluation report, will inform future efforts by Enterprise to develop tools and resources that will assist developers in implementing the health components of the 2015 Criteria and improving resident health outcomes through building design decisions.

July 20, 2017
Impact Areas
  • Green Communities
  • Health & Housing