When you support the Enterprise Community Loan Fund, Inc. (Loan Fund), you help to transform communities and create opportunity for individuals and families in need.

For more than 20 years, Loan Fund has strategically invested more than $1.25 billion in communities lacking access to traditional sources of capital. Loan Fund supporters help us deliver the critical financing needed to ensure that everyone has access to affordable homes connected to good schools, jobs, transit, and health care. Every dollar you invest leverages additional public and private funds, expanding the positive impact that your capital creates.

Supporters can make a social impact while also generating a financial return by making a loan to Loan Fund which is eligible for investment or/and lending Community Reinvestment Act credit.

  Make A Loan
Debt Investment Yes, and EQ(2) Investments
Minimum Investment $3 Million
Structure Negotiated Loan Agreement
Type Term loan or Revolving Line of Credit
Term Minimum of 3 years
Interest Rate Fixed and variable options
Interest Payments Quarterly
CRA Eligibility Lending credit
Geographic or Programmatic Targeting Yes
Reporting Quarterly and Annual Financial

Supporters of Loan Fund include philanthropic individuals as well as institutions such as foundations, religious organizations, nonprofits, insurance companies, and banks. Their support drives our efforts to end housing insecurity in the United States, while making it possible to create thriving communities linked to opportunities. Loan Fund is a U.S. Treasury Department-certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) with a AA+ rating from Aeris (f/k/a CARS), an independent, industry-recognized assessor of CDFIs’ impact and financial strength.

To make a loan, contact Charlotte Crow, ccrow@enterprisecommunity.org, 410.772.6006.