Enterprise Community Loan Fund Products

Enterprise Community Loan Fund strives to offer flexible, innovative loan products to help make it possible for developers and nonprofit organizations to create sustainable, affordable housing and community facilities.

  • Predevelopment Loans
    Available for third-party due diligence, deposits for site control, permits and applications and consultant fees
  • Acquisition Loans
    Available for land and building acquisition, predevelopment costs and critical repairs
  • Mini-Permanent: Community Facilities
    Available for land and building acquisition, predevelopment costs and critical repairs
  • Acquisition/Mini-Permanent: Housing
    Available for the acquisition of operating buildings, predevelopment costs and critical repairs
  • Construction and Bridge Loans
    Available for construction of community facilities and housing developments
  • Permanent Loans
    Long-term, fixed-rate capital to support a variety of community project needs; provided through the U.S Treasury Department’s CDFI Bond Guarantee Program.
  • Denver Regional TOD Fund
    Provides acquisition financing to purchase and hold property alongside transit corridors for the preservation or development of affordable housing and community facilities projects.

  • Funding for Rapid Recovery and Rebuilding
    To support recovery and rebuilding following the 2017 hurricanes and California fires, Loan Fund has partnered with Mercy Loan Fund and NeighborWorks Capital to offer $15 million in capital, which will offer affordable housing and community development organizations lower-interest loans for a range of needs, including repairing, relocating and rebuilding homes and other infrastructure.


Local Loan Funds

In partnership with other funding organizations, Enterprise manages local loan funds across the country. 

  • Bay Area Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing Fund
    A financial resource for the development of affordable housing and other community services near transit lines throughout the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Chicago Southland Community Development Loan Fund
    A $6 million (and growing) fund offering two products to finance predevelopment (up to $3,000,000, with an interest rate of 3 percent, and a term of up to 3 years) and acquisition (up to $3,000,000 with options for variable and fixed interest rates, and a term of up to 5 years) strategies within one half-mile of Metra or South Shore stations and high-frequency bus routes, such as Pace.

  • Denver Transit-Oriented Development Fund
    The Denver TOD Fund is an effort to purchase and hold sites for future community use, in anticipation of new transit stations opening and the subsequent land value increases. 

  • Golden State Acquisition Fund
    Makes loans to housing developers to acquire real property for the development and preservation of affordable housing.

  • New Generation Fund, Los Angeles
    Offers acquisition and predevelopment loans to developers committed to the creation and preservation of affordable housing in the City of Los Angeles.
  • New York City Acquisition Fund
    Offers flexible bridge loans for the purchase of vacant sites or occupied buildings, predevelopment, and moderate rehabilitation to developers committed to create or preserve affordable housing in the five boroughs of New York City. 
  • Regional Equitable Development Initiative (REDI) Fund
    In response to the significant investments being made in Puget Sound transit, the public-private Regional Equitable Development Initiative (REDI) Fund was created to help finance the acquisition of property along transit corridors to preserve the affordability of future housing and community facilities.