Congress’ newly-released omnibus appropriations bill dropped this week, and while analysts pored over Covid- and Ukraine-related provisions, the spending package includes significant increases to many key affordable housing programs – all of which Enterprise called for in its latest list of policy priorities.

Overall, the bill includes a total of $53.7 billion for HUD, which is an increase of $4 billion above FY21. It also provides increases to critical affordable housing and community development programs at Treasury and USDA.

Some key affordable housing and community development funding highlights from the legislation include:


  • $27.4 billion for Tenant-based Rental Assistance, $1.6 billion over FY21. In addition to covering all voucher renewals, this funding also includes $200 million to expand housing assistance to up to 25,000 low-income families. 
  • $13.9 billion for Project-Based Rental Assistance, up from $13.5 billion in FY21. This may cover the cost of all contract renewals.  
  • $8.45 billion for Public Housing, $645.5 million above FY21. This total includes $5 billion for the operating fund and $3.2 billion for the capital fund.
  • $4.8 billion for the Community Development Fund, $1.3 billion above FY21. Of this, $3.3 billion is allocated for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, a slight decrease from FY21. The additional funding in CDF is for earmarks and Congressionally directed spending items. 
  • $3.2 billion for Homeless Assistance Grants, $213 million above FY21
  • $1.5 billion for HOME, $150 million above FY21
  • $1 billion for the Section 202 Housing for the Elderly, $75 million over FY21
  • $352 million for Section 811 Housing for People with Disabilities, $125 million more than FY21
  • $109 million for Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS), $4 million over FY21
  • $41 million for Section 4, level with FY21


  • $295 million for the Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund, $25 million more than FY21 enacted levels. 


  • $1.45 billion for Section 521 rental assistance, $40 million over FY21
  • $45 million for Section 542 rural housing vouchers, up from $40 million in FY21
  • $50 million for Section 515 rental housing, a $10 million increase over FY21 

Enterprise applauds Congress for finalizing FY22 appropriations legislation and providing strong funding levels for many critical affordable housing and community development programs. See our Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Request and Appropriations Chart for a full breakdown of enacted funding along with Presidential and Congressional funding levels.

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