10 Years, 10 Big Ideas: Catalytic Approaches from the Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute

Ten years ago, the Enterprise Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute set out to elevate the status quo in affordable housing design and support the creation of housing that lifts-up individuals and their communities. The Institute’s answer? To build a small army of community development leaders, equipped with the tools and vision for their projects to achieve more – and a cadre of designers, who understand the intricacies of development and can work seamlessly with affordable housing developers for better results.

Through nearly 70 unique conversations about real development projects, across a network of 200+ developers, designers, policy-makers, public health experts and beyond, an incredible amount of innovation has happened. 

In this blog series, ten big thinkers and graduates of Enterprise’s Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute, share some of the catalytic approaches that have been part of that conversation and how it continues to impact their work.

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