Technical Assistance

At Enterprise Advisors, we are committed to helping communities break down silos within local government and across sectors. Our technical assistance (TA) work begins with an assessment that identifies capacity gaps and strategic opportunities. We then design and deliver practical, results-oriented TA that is responsive to local market forces and aligned with community needs and priorities. We strive to build the capacity of the public sector so that funding is deployed effectively and so that programs are operating optimally to meet the needs of all residents.

Our technical assistance goals:

  • Deploy limited resources strategically
  • Leverage and align resources with opportunities
  • Use data and outcomes to drive decision making
  • Utilize best practices from across the country
  • Efficient operation of programs that meet needs
  • Culturally and linguistically competent service


We focus on maximizing public sector resources and helping clients design effective affordable housing community development programs that benefit low- and moderate-income communities. We have the expertise to help clients develop programs that align with market factors, funding resources and capacity of local partners. Our consulting services cover programs that use local, state and federal funding streams including Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and private capital. Enterprise Advisors is also leading a consortium of organizations to operate the National Resource Network's technical assistance and capacity building contracts.

We offer consulting services in:

  • Affordable housing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Community and economic development
  • Community-focused strategic planning and engagement

Our Core Services and Expertise

We bring critical guidance and innovation to communities, partnering with cities, states and nonprofits to support comprehensive community development.

Building Sustainable Organizations

Working with affordable housing providers, public agencies, and social service agencies, we help make developers and owners of affordable housing more financially sustainable, preserve affordable homes, improve portfolio performance, protect public investment, and maintain community assets. We assist with:

  • Organizational development
  • Asset management
  • Business model evaluation
  • Leadership and staff training

Housing Program Design

Enterprise Advisors helps clients develop housing programs that align with market factors, funding resources and the capacity of local partners. Our consulting services cover programs that use local, state and federal funding including:

  • Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)
  • HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME)
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and private capital.

Economic Development

We help communities develop and implement economic development initiatives to:

  • Expand economic opportunities for local residents
  • Foster small business development
  • Create strong communities

Working with local governments and other intermediary organizations, we facilitate effective economic development programs that maximize the impact of public resources and leverage private capital.

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)

We work with local governments and communities to develop their Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) plans to support their efforts to further fair housing principles and the “balanced approached” as described by Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the new AFFH rule. We also provide guidance and training to introduce communities to the new AFH process, tools to support the development of their plans, community engagement techniques and fair housing planning principles and history. 

Disaster Recovery

We offer guidance from a community development perspective as communities work to rebuild from natural disasters. We draw on extensive experience gained from assisting communities throughout the disaster recovery process. For more information on Enterprise's resilience work nationally, visit Ready to Respond Tools for Resilience.

Strategic Community Investment Planning

We work with local governments and stakeholders to make intelligent, data-driven decisions to align funding plans with community assets and make investments that improve access and opportunity for those most in need.