The California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) is pleased to launch this year’s Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Technical Assistance (TA) Program to support prospective applicants to AHSC’s sixth funding round. The AHSC TA program provides statewide, no-cost direct application assistance and capacity building services.

Enterprise and its TA team will provide the technical assistance on behalf of SGC. Interested applicants should fill out the Survey to Request AHSC Technical Assistance. SGC will keep the survey open until at least December 15, 2020 and will review submissions as they arrive. The TA providers will begin serving selected TA recipients as early as late October 2020.  

The AHSC Program funds shovel-ready projects proposing both affordable housing and sustainable transportation improvements in partnership with public entities. To assess if AHSC is a good fit for your project, please explore the following resource: