We believe that integrating culture and creativity into places and processes is a key strategy to build communities that are connected to opportunity and support residents’ long-term wellbeing and success. We leverage the arts, culture, creativity, and design to activate places that are under-utilized, generate interaction and buy-in, increase community pride and connectedness, and spur local economies.

Our Culture and Creativity programs recognize that:

  • Investing in culture and creativity strengthens community resilience: Uplifting culture and creativity can help resist displacement while creating economic benefits and strengthening social fabric, thereby increasing the ability of communities to bounce back from chronic and acute stressors.
  • Place is a key asset: The places which we build can also build stronger bonds, trust, and human networks by increasing the likelihood of social interactions and framing a positive narrative about the identity of a neighborhood.
  • People belong at the center: Collaboration, cultural identity, and creative expression can improve the community development process and center it around the values and voices of local residents.

Available Culture & Creativity Resources


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