Land Bank Panel Discussion

Camila Fernandez ,
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
Gina C Paradis, Executive Director, Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation
Adam Zaranko, Executive Director, Albany County Land Bank Corporation
Katelyn Wright, Executive Director, Greater Syracuse Land Bank
Mikael Kerr, Project Coordinator, Suffolk County Landbank Corp
David Hogenkamp, Executive Director, Capital Region Land Bank
Learning about Land Banks

Following the 2008 financial crisis, land banks have served as vehicles of community revitalization in neighborhoods hit hard by the downturn. In New York, 70% of the state’s population now live in an area served by a land bank. One of eleven states with comprehensive land bank regulations, New York has demonstrated how effective well-managed land bank programs can be: reducing the burden abandoned buildings impose on local communities and returning thousands of vacant properties to productive use.

Check out our panel discussion to hear from land banks about their work, impact, and organizational sustainability plans post-pandemic. We discussed best practices and partnerships that have enabled their organizational growth and community impact.

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