Todd Lee was about that work. Work for his family. Work for the people. Todd Lee was about that work.

Todd and I talked shop. He was creative. He was willing to explore ideas. He would show up at meetings and have ideas and opinions. He wanted to be helpful to the cause of providing housing and opportunities for people. He would ENGAGE. I so appreciated that about Todd.

Todd and I talked family. We shared stories about our fathers when they passed and the impact that had on us as men and as sons. The last time I saw Todd, in October, after we talked shop we talked family. We got a good laugh out of some wisdom he shared with and about his son and daughter. He had a standard he was endeavoring to set for his children. I so respected that about him. Todd Lee was about that work.

The first 60 seconds of any encounter with Todd always made me chuckle. He would usually greet me with “Pastor” or “Reverend.” I would ask how he was doing. The response from Todd usually began “You know…” and then he would go into some passionate, intense, authentic response about how he really was doing, or something he was thinking intensely about. No rote answer from Todd. Always real.

I prayed for Todd’s soul and for his family when I heard he had passed. It shook me when I heard the news. Had to take a knee on this one.

On behalf of my colleagues at Enterprise – we are grateful for Todd’s legacy and pray for comfort for his family, friends and DC HFA colleagues.