Chicago is a hub of culture, commerce and diversity. However, not all residents of Chicago enjoy equitable access to resources, opportunities, and environments that maximize their health and well-being. As a result, Chicago has some of the widest disparities in life expectancy between people and places in the country. On average Black Chicagoans have a life expectancy 9 years shorter than the average White Chicagoan. And because of Chicago’s entrenched patterns of segregation, residents of disinvested Englewood live 30 years less than residents of affluent Streeterville. Inequities in our housing system play an important role in understanding health outcomes.

The Chicago Health and Housing Dashboard brings together publicly available data from various sources to allow practitioners to visualize the relationships between housing and health as they begin to devise strategies to reduce health disparities as they relate to the built environment.


This Dashboard was funded by Michael Reese Health Trust and created through a collaboration between Enterprise Community Partners and the Illinois Public Health Institute.

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