Mark Crain is an advocate for fostering a thriving west side Detroit neighborhood.

Mark is the executive director at Dream of Detroit (DREAM), an organization combining community development and organizing to revitalize a neighborhood and build a thriving community in the west side of Detroit. DREAM also provides affordable housing and organizes local Muslim residents to advocate for racial and economic justice in the city.

2+ Years
Working in community development
$1M Mobilized
For housing, community and organizing developments

Mark has extensive experience in organization development that he brings into his efforts at DREAM. Prior to DREAM, Mark worked in digital strategy and community organizing at Chicago’s Inner-City Muslim Action Network, the Obama 2012 campaign, and most recently, MoveOn.

Mark’s vision for his community in the next 40 years is for the city to be anchored in homeownership, small business development, cooperative economics, local food sourcing, and access to education and the arts. He longs to create an equitable city where neighborliness is a shared value, and the neighborhood is a thriving mixed-income community with dignified housing for all.

People in community and in apartment windows
Our vision is to see housing recognized as a human right and for the affordable housing and community development sector [to] play a central role in that effort by pioneering new construction methods, advancing equitable land solutions and promoting cooperative economics that positively impacts the surrounding communities.
Mark Crain

Mark has significant organizational development experience and currently serves on the boards of the Detroit Justice Center, ReThink Media, and Emgage Foundation. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and African-American Studies from Northwestern University.

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