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Culture & Creativity Tools

Healing-Centered Community Development Framework

  • Introduction to the Healing-Centered Community Development Framework: The Healing-Centered Community Development Framework provides the context for why a healing-centered approach is essential to successful community development and defines core principles and strategies for centering healing. It guides the reader through questions to ask and connections to make at the individual, project, organization, and systems levels. 
  • Webinar Introducing the Healing-Centered Framework: This webinar features the authors of Building to Heal: A Framework for Holistic Community Development and introduces listeners to the principles in the framework, as well as some of the practices that are included, such as land acknowledgments and personal stories. Following the presentation, the speakers take part in a moderated discussion about liberation, impact, and more. (March 2021)
  • Webinar on Centering Culture and Healing in Community Development: This EcoDistricts webinar shares the early development of the Healing-Centered Community Development Framework (Nov 2020) 

Cultural Resilience Criterion & Templates

Case Studies & Reports

Culture & Creativity Blog Series

Collaborative Action Blog Series:

Creative Placemaking Webinar Series

  1. More than Murals: We discuss our learnings from the Climate & Cultural Resilience program and explore the evolution of the Creative Placemaking field. 
  2. An Organizational Norm: A discussion with partners from across the country on how their organizations have made Creative Placemaking a key strategy in their community engagement process. 
  3. Working Through Conflicting Priorities: Discussion how community development organizations are aligning responding to immediate stressors while building long-term resilience and are working through these tensions on the ground. 
  4. Filling the Void Between Development and Artists: A talk with practitioners who were able to bridge the gap between development and artists. 
  5. Under the Hood: Funding Creative Placemaking is a challenge, but some Developers have figured out ways to include creative placemaking in their budgets and process. 
  6. Perspectives of Artists and Developers: We dig deep into how these two worlds collide to improve low-income communities. 

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Green Tools

Rose Architectural Fellowship Tools

  • Tip Jar Guides to Creative Collaboration: Seven virtual “tip jars” filled with strategic tips to help designers and others navigate the different communication styles and working relationships of various partners – from artists to public agencies.
  • Design for Impact: Our beta test of an interdisciplinary outcomes-based design methodology, illustrating how the process can strengthen design interventions at multiple scales and for specific, targeted purposes.
  • Designing Policy: The Game: The card game for social impact designers – created by social impact designers, helping you navigate the path of governing policy from physical design to completed project.
  • Made with Love: Recipes for Community Change: A book of stories of creative and community-focused collaborative actions that Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows led in communities across the country. It is a book of inspiration, as well as an informative guide for engaging in your own collaborative action.

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Recovery & Rebuilding Tools

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