Vital Links: How Housing and Education Partnerships Can Support Transition Age Youth (TAY)

Social scientists use the term transition age youth (TAY) to describe young people between late adolescence and early adulthood who are often disconnected from their families and communities. In general, TAY are more likely to experience negative educational and life outcomes – outcomes that could improve significantly through greater access to the five-part housing bundle: housing quality, housing affordability, housing stability, neighborhood context, and housing that builds assets and wealth.  

In this issue brief, Enterprise’s Sam Giffin explores the housing needs of TAY and the barriers they face in accessing services. The brief also examines efforts to connect youth to the housing bundle through cross-sector partnerships and includes a case study of one such collaboration in Oakland, California’s Alameda County. 

This brief was made possible through the generous support of the Ballmer Group and reflects the work of Enterprise, in partnership with StriveTogether, to support housing and education partners around the country seeking to advance upward mobility for children and families.

June 26, 2024
  • Northern California
Impact Areas
  • Upward Mobility 
  • Program Design & Evaluation